Uraon Tribal

As it is wellknown that this district is the Tribal district.Uraon cast are spread whole over this district.Around 1700 era after the break of their kingdom in Rohtasgarh they began to move in this area.They were settled in the forest area because these place were more suitable for the cultivation.They were fully dependent on agriculture and forest wealth.It can be said that what the condition of Korwa family is now ,same they had.

But after the entrance of the foreign priest,all uraon came under their faith and became their follower.They started to make literate uraon children.At all suitable places they opened Primary,Middle and Higher secondary schools.And now we are really proud to say that Jashpur district is the highest in literacy.Whoever came in the contact of Missionaries school all are well qualified. Now Every Uraon family has atleast Metric pass candidate.

Marriage :Uraon's culture is same as it was in the past.Only marriage blessing ceremony has changed of those who are the follower of Christian religion.when a boy became of marriageable age ,their parents , send a message by any relatives to the family where a suitable girl is of marriageable or seen eligible in the view of boy's parent.If the girl's parent accept the message, they invite them to come on their desired date and time.

Parents of bridge party come with two or three Panch's to the groom's family. They receive them happily and invite their neighbors saying that new guest have come in our family so please come to talk with them.They shares them rice bear three round as per the custom.when first round overs the main panch of the girls side ask the aim of their coming .Then boys side panch puts the aim before them.Then they introduce and identify themselves by their surname ( Minj,Lakra,Tirkey etc.).Their surname should not be the same ,and no one get married in the same surname means Tirkey surname boy can not marry with tirkey surname girl.This is the first identity of uraon cast.After the satisfactory introduction they make a new relation on the name of the aimed boy and girl.Now second round sharing of rice bear starts and they show their happy for the new relation .They sing and dance.All songs has a step of ceremony up to the end of marriage function .Songs sang at the marriage time can't be sung at the time of making new relation .This is the second Identity of Uraon culture.

Now some ceremonial steps are being cut off due to the functional expenditure. But three steps would never be stopped and are First engagement Second Lotapani (Mangni) and the third Marriage. In Uraon culture's marriage ,Boy goes to bring her groom with a "Barat".If the groom family is unable to manage at any step, Bridge side helps either by money or whatever they need.This is the Third Identity of the Uraon culture.There is no any dowry system.


Uraon cultural dance is really a very good example of the Unity ,affection and majority.All male and females are chained with hands and dance together either day or night depending on the joyous ceremony.Karma is danced from July to the end of October up to the midnight of Diwali.After this whole the remaining year they dance called as jalsa dance.

Karma Dance

Cultural Dance
Dance Performance
Dance Prformence by Ladies
Group Dance Profromance

Saonsar Uraon culture:

Uraon's of remaining who have not yet adopted the Christian Religion are called "Saonsar Uraon".All cultural functions are same as followed by the Christian Uraon except the wedding . Bridge and groom are wedded in the courtyard of the groom's family. A religious head of village called "Baiga" comes to wed them.

In adivasi group , Kawanr ,Gond, Saonsar and some Christian Uraon's are still follow the "Sarna" Religion .Sarna is the worship place of these tribes. where many number of trees are standing. Among these ,a middle one and oldest tree is selected for the alter .A couple of child chicken were offered for the jangle devi. On this occasion..Many old trees are still found in these Sarna’s.In the sarna of Menderbahar village ,it is said that more than two hundred year old trees are still available.

Pahari Korwa:

Pahari korwas are now began to came in unity. They are settled in villages. They are now in community. They are enjoying their grouping life. Also they are forming a new village culture to live togather in all their good and bad times. This photograph is showing their community fuction.

Music Instrument:

Drum,Mandar,Nagada,Dhank,Dafli,Mridang and Timki are the main music instrument of these Adivasi's