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A District rich in tribal culture

The people are calm, composed, gentle and contended. It expresses and verifies the rich and dynamic civilization of the Land, having unique cultural heritage.

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Kotebira Eb river.

It is a very pleasant looking  rever with catchy scenery having  a rocky spot and ending point of hill range.As per a proverb,God has reached here and get pleased. He thought  to build    a dam to add some more beauty to the scenery within a night. He started but could not complete before morning hence the work remained in omplete. and therefore the rock is looking like dam wall. Every year Worship mela is organised here.It is situated in Eb river near Tapkara ,about 60 Km. From H.Q.


Rajpuri Water fall

:It is very attractive waterfall and rich for natural beauty. Many distant natural lovers come for picnic  and enjoy the scene and encampash them in a photo graph for future rememberance. It is situated near Bagicha about 90 Km from H.Q.


Kailash gupha(Cave)

.It is built in mountain ,cutting of rocks. Fountains and plantains are expanding its beauty and attraction. A sweet water is pouring here for the visitors. Many people visit here daily to enjoy the it architecture. Just near at Samarbar Sanskrit Mahavidyalays is telling its own history located   in  forest area out from the town and city. It is the second SANSKRIT MAHAVIDYALAY in our country. It is ahead from Bagicha about 120 Km from H.Q. It is nearer from Ambikapur ,Hardly about 60 Km.


Danpuri Waterfall
It is in the middle of forest. One can reach at the bottom of fall in  two hours.




Rani Dah waterfall

It is good for picnic. Many family come to enjoy the spot situated in the middle of forest and Hills. Water pool an natural scenery explain the pleasure of visitors. It is hardly 12 Km from H.Q near Echkela.

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Bhringraj Waterfall
It is a picnic spot about 15 Km from Distt. H.Q.



Cathedral(Mahagirja Ghar) Kunkuri:

This Cathedral has the second rank in Asia.It is even not ranked by niether any Church committee nor  by our rev.Pop’s.It has given second rank in Asia by the anti christain groups.Thus almighty god  blessed them to encounter and put up it in the second position by its religius love ,mercy and secrefice point of view.It was founded in 1962 in the period of Late Rev.Bishop Stanislas Tigga .Fr. J.M Karsi drew its map.Br. Joseph Toppo started its cunstruction by Istones .After his death Fr.Manustain S.J completed its cunstruction in the period of Late Rev.Bishop Francis Ekka.It was Inaugurated  on 27th October 1979.This church has seven arcade in a shape of an arch and seven sacraments symbols made of angle Iron. A beautiful shrine ,just infront of this cathedral biuilding is also inviting the visitor to pray before the mother marry (Mercy of Mother) .All religius people come here every day to visit this church and shrine .They all nelting before god jesus and Mother merry and getting releaf from their troubles.




This is Located in south from Jashpur Nagar about 12 Km nearest to BadhyeeKhana Village.This Place is knows as a Tourist Place,this place have MELA on every Year specially in RamNavmi and Kartik purnima.Peoples tolds about this place that when Second world war started on1939 and England and Germany was attacked on very sensitive places than this roads usability was increased even today we can find this historical place.


Khuriarani Cave:

Khuriarani ki Gupha is one of the most important historical place in Jashpur nagar the Civilians of this place known as Korva Janjati this spot is 17 Km far away from Bagicha Village. It is the most typical way to rich there, inside of hill have khuria Rani Temple, the way is very typical for inside of the hill because it have very dark in the cave.



Snake Park:

Tapkara is known as NAGLOK from ancient ,this place have many types of snake. they always bites the people of Tap Kara , but the main problem has arises that how we can protect to humans and Snakes so for region Government of chhattisgarh planed to developed the snake park in tapkara region, government trained to peoples of tap Kara to protecting snake bites & snake too.






Sograh  Aghor Asram:

Sograh Aghor Asram situated about 18 Km from Jashpur Nagar. It have the temple of Avdhot Bhagvan shri Ram. Peoples have came to this historical place from many cities and they want the biography about Lord Aghoreswar they want to follow their life's history.



Civilians in Jashpur Nagar District:

In Jashpur Nagar district ,the main civilians are Pahari Korva Janjati and someothers are urao , Kavar and Gond Janjati



Badalkhol Abhyaran:

BadalKhole Abhyaran situated in forest department, the area of this place is 104 square fit, the climate of this place is totally optimum for the wild animals & birds. This place is totally hill-station so tourist lick to come this place specially in  their summers vacations, in side of Abhyaran in gram Kurhati pana have residential houses by the department of Forest.





Gullu waterfall:

The waterfall situated about 25 Km mile away from JashpurNagar nearest to Gulu village. The foundation of this waterfall from Eb river, Bane, Orkela, Alori,Patiya Villages are nearest to this Waterfall. The Badal Khole Abhyaran is nearest to this place where many wild animals & Birds are living in there natural Climates.



Churi Waterfall:

This waterfall born by the Eb river and flows to Badal Khole Abhyaran.Wild Elephants always walks on this Abhyaran.



Rani Jhoola:

This historical place is situated from some distance to the Bagicha village, this waterfall also stars from Eb river. there is a temple devloped. The Eb river is 202 Km Long this river assist to Mahanadi river.



Bane Waterfall:

Bane Waterfall placed  25 Km from Kunkuri and is a beautiful natural Waterfall which flows with Gulu, ChooriGhagh and Perabandh and a very beautiful waterfall.



Hara Deepa:

Hara Deepa is situated  nearest to village Astha. Here have very large amount of Sal tree and a "Duadas-Tuling" which is a mythological place so many tourist and archeologist have came to saw this place.



Loro Ghatee:

Loro Ghati situated 15 Km long distance from Jashpur Nagar. A beauty of this place seems lick as a Hill station. this Ghatee is famous for phoolo ki Ghatee because it have lots of flowers.when the water fall fall from the top of hill it seem lick a white sandal.


Bel Mahadev:

It is a natural and hilly place known as Bel Mahadev the cave. This religious place is 2 Km far away from the  Jashpur nagar city west side of Kadam toli also known as jogi  gupha. Peoples  visits this place at every  Mahashivratri, not only the local peoples but out side of the peoples have also comes for worship and visiting  this place.

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