Disabled Scholarship Scheme

Sector: Social Welfare Department

Objectives of the Scheme :

  • Providing assistance and promoting disabled children in education and training.

Eligibility of the Beneficiaries :-

  1. Residents of Chhattisgarh
  2. Disability of the person must be of 40% or above
  3. Regular student of school/college/Technical course
  4. Income of parents/guardian must be less than 8000- per month

Application Procedure :-

  • Application will be submitted in the prescribed format, to the District Office of Social Welfare / Janpad  Panchayat office through the Head of the institution.

Selection Process :-

  • The District Office, Social Welfare has the right to accept / reject the applications.


disabled children


150 rupees from 1st to 5th class ,170 rupees from 6th to 8th class ,190 rupees from 9th to 12th class