Subdivision & Blocks


The District is divided into 5 Revenue Sub divisions for administrative convenience. A Revenue Sub division is headed by Revenue Sub Divisional Officer in the rank of Sub – Collector in Cadre of I.A.S or a Deputy Collector. He is the Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) having jurisdiction over his Sub division. An administrative Officer in the Cadre of a Tahsildar and Nayab tahsildar assists in administration. The Sub divisional Offices are a replica of Collectorate in the matter of number of sections and they act as intermediary in the administrative setup. Each division consists of a few Tahsil whose performance is constantly monitored by the concerned Sub Divisional Office. The List of Sub Divisions are:

Subdivision Detail
S.No Sub Division Name Name of Officer Designation Mobile Number
1 Jashpur Shri Yogendra Srivas Deputy Collector 7587079284
2 Kunkuri Shri Ravi rahi Deputy Collector 9171260402
3 Bagicha Ku. Aakanksha Tripathi Deputy Collector 7509095512
4 Patthalgaon Shabab Khan Deputy Collector 9340676224
5 Farsabahar Shabab Khan Deputy Collector 9340676224


The Sub-Division is divided into Tahsil. Jashpur District Consists of 8 Tahsil. Tahsil is headed by Tahsildar or Nayab tahsildar.

Block detail
Sr No Sub Division Block Name Of Officer Designation Mobile
1 Jashpur Jashpur Shri Vikash Jindal Nayab tahsildar 7000947541
2 Manora Shri Sahodar Ram paikara Nayab tahsildar 7697584044
3 Kunkuri Kunkuri Shri Pramod Kumar Chandravansi Nayab tahsildar 9399720449
4 Duldula Laxman Kumar Rathiya Nayab tahsildar 8959948765
5 Bagicha Bagicha Shri Avinash Chauhan Nayab tahsildar 7987433718
6 kansabel Shri Uday raj Nayab Tahsildar 9399487508
7 Sanna Roshni Tirky Nayab Tahsildar 8225985105
8 Patthalgaon Patthalgaon Ramraj Singh Tahsildar 9525563038
9 Farsabahar Farsabahar Shri Sunil Kumar Gupta Nayab tahsildar 9406339209