Subdivision & Blocks


The District is divided into 4 Revenue Sub divisions for administrative convenience. A Revenue Sub division is headed by Revenue Sub Divisional Officer in the rank of Sub – Collector in Cadre of I.A.S or a Deputy Collector. He is the Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) having jurisdiction over his Sub division. An administrative Officer in the Cadre of a Tahsildar and Nayab tahsildar assists in administration. The Sub divisional Offices are a replica of Collectorate in the matter of number of sections and they act as intermediary in the administrative setup. Each division consists of a few Tahsil whose performance is constantly monitored by the concerned Sub Divisional Office. The List of Sub Divisions are:

Subdivision Detail
S.No Sub Division Name Name of Officer Designation Mobile Number
1 Jashpur  Shri Vijendra patle Deputy Collector  8889897747
2 Kunkuri  Shri Ravi rahi Deputy Collector  9171260402
3 Bagicha Shri Ravi Mittal I.A.S 9958932636
4 Patthalgaon  Shri S K Tandon Deputy Collector  9425564594


The Sub-Division is divided into Tahsil. Jashpur District Consists of 8 Tahsil. Tahsil is headed by Tahsildar or Nayab tahsildar.

Block detail
Sr No  Sub Division  Block Name Of Officer Designation  Mobile 
Jashpur Jashpur  Yuvraj singh Tahsildar 9993151184
Manora  Shri P K Chandrawanshi  Nayab tahsildar 9165961970
Kunkuri Kunkuri Shri Ram Ratan Dubey Nayab tahsildar 9827956898
 4 Duldula Shri Kishor Sharma  Nayab tahsildar 9827956898
Farsabahar  Shri Laxman Kumar Rathiya Nayab tahsildar  8959948765
Bagicha Bagicha Shri Sanjay Kumar rathore Nayab tahsildar 9755313912
 7 kansabel Shri Dilip Kumar Khande Nayab Tahsidar 8517850357
8 Patthalgaon Patthalgaon  Shri Mahesh Sharma Tahsildar  7746859383



Section Detail
Section Detail Description
Section A Office procedure and financial activities
Section B   Land Related activities
Section C  Civil Supplies, Pension Schemes etc
Section D  Establishment, Natural Calamities
Section E Issue of Caste, income, nativity etc; certificates