Cathedral(Mahagirja Ghar) Kunkuri

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This Cathedral has the second rank in Asia.It is even not ranked by niether any Church committee nor by our rev.Pop’s.It has given second rank in Asia by the anti christain groups.Thus almighty god blessed them to encounter and put up it in the second position by its religius love ,mercy and secrefice point of view.It was founded in 1962 in the period of Late Rev.Bishop Stanislas Tigga .Fr. J.M Karsi drew its map.Br. Joseph Toppo started its cunstruction by Istones .After his death Fr.Manustain S.J completed its cunstruction in the period of Late Rev.Bishop Francis Ekka.It was Inaugurated on 27th October 1979.This church has seven arcade in a shape of an arch and seven sacraments symbols made of angle Iron. A beautiful shrine ,just infront of this cathedral biuilding is also inviting the visitor to pray before the mother marry (Mercy of Mother) .All religius people come here every day to visit this church and shrine .They all nelting before god jesus and Mother merry and getting releaf from their troubles.

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How to Reach:

By Air

The nearest airport from Jashpur is Ranchi. There are regular flights from Ranchi to Various Palces like that Kolkata, Delhi, Patna, Mumbai, Varanasi, Lucknow, and Kathmandu.

By Train

The nearest railway station from Jashpur is Ranchi and Ambikapur.Ranchi railway station about 150 km away from Jashpur .

By Road

Jashpur is connected by roadway with Riagarh,Ambikapur,Ranchi. Kunkuri church is about 43 KM from Jashpur, situated in kunkuri block.